How to use plants to accent your space

How To Use Plants To Accent Your Space
You’ve bought all the right furniture items, sought out your desired accent pieces, have the right wall colors and know where it all goes, but you’re missing one vital piece to finish off the space – plants! When it comes to interior design, plants usually are an afterthought and rarely incorporated into some spaces mainly because you either forgot to add them or had a bad experience with them before (you let them die, etc.).
But plants can really make a room and make everything come together. Plants also add a nice sense of green to a room and have some much sought after benefits like making you happier, helping you recharge and even be more productive around the space, believe it or not! Here are some tips on how to use plants to accent your space:
Decorate Wall Shelves With Small Plants
If you’re not sure where to put the plants, you can never really go wrong with using small potted ones on shelves around your space. Combine them with books and smaller accent accessories and you’ve got an amazing look that’ll instantly add in some green to liven up the space.

Fill up empty shelf space
If you have shelves like book cases and built-in shelving in your space and have empty space, fill it up with a collection of small house plants like ferns and the like. It’ll not only make the shelf more appealing, but it’ll also make it look fuller instead of empty.

Use plants as party décor
You can really upgrade a party’s setting using plants as part of the décor. It’ll automatically add color to the space and party. Decorate the table using small plants or use them all around the main space where guests will hang to liven up the party!

One large floor plant
If you want something bold, go with one large floor plant in the corner of the room. The really tall plant (tree) will make a bold statement. It’ll make the one corner more appealing and eye-catching.

Hanging plants
Plants that hang down from the ceiling, shelves or any other high area are so dramatic and really makes a space more memorable.

Macrame plant hangers
For a bold and unique look, use macramé plant hangers to really set off the space. It’ll add an entirely new layer to your space and you can choose them in a color or hue that best matches the room!

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