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Top Reasons to Sell in the Winter

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Most people assume spring or summer is the only time to sell a house. In reality, though, winter can be a favorable time to sell.
Here are the top reasons why you should consider selling while the temperatures fall.

1.  Low inventory = less competition

  • Since spring is the most popular home-selling season, think about the law of supply and demand.

2.  Winter brings out the serious buyers

  • Spring yields a lot more lookers but not necessarily the most serious. Window shoppers tend to be scarce during winter months – especially during less than ideal weather. When buyers show up in the snow, they are ready to buy.

3.  Corporate relocation

  • One of the biggest months for corporate relocation is January/February, so those buyers are out in full force looking for new homes & may need to move quickly (& can sometimes be less demanding).

4.  Year-end financial bonuses and payouts

  • As a seller, year-end performance reviews could mean that more people have money to spend on a home but as a buyer, end-of-year financial bonuses could give them a chance to upgrade their living

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