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Germantown Schnitzelburg Blues Festival Returns

What: Germantown Schnitzelburg Blues Festival

Where: 1101 E. Burnett Ave, Louisville, KY 40217

When: June 2nd and 3rd 6-12 PM

Germantown Schnitzelburg Blues Festival

In the last blog, we talked about Louisville and its affinity for great music, and this week’s event is another great example of that. Instead of Rock n’ Roll, this time we are singing the blues.

The eighth Germantown Schnitzelburg Blues Festival is a fantastic two-day event starting in the evening and featuring several local blues musicians including Laurie Jane and the 45’s and the Walnut Street Blues Band. The event is hosted by the Kentucky Blues Society and the always delicious Check’s Café.

The event is completely free and each day features three separate blues groups. Additionally, a portion of proceeds from other sales will go to the Home of the Innocents.

Click here to visit the event's facebook page.

Louisville Homes for Sale – Germantown

With plenty of bars, restaurants, and talented musicians, Germantown is one of Louisville’s liveliest communities. It also features wonderful outdoors areas, shops, and quality schools. Germantown also features many gorgeous homes that can fit all lifestyles, and all of your needs. At The Oatley Team, we strive to find the home that is right for you, so contact us to see some of these great Germantown homes.

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Abbey Road On The River

What: Abbey Road On The River

Where: Big 4 Station Park

When: May 26 – May 29

Louisville’s Abbey Road On The River

As one of the greatest cities in the world, it only makes sense that Louisville would have a long-standing homage to one of the greatest bands in the world. Abbey road on the river is a music festival dedicated to the memory and the spirit of the famous band The Beatles.

Over three days dozens of bands will perform original music, the music of the Beatles, and will even be clad in Beatles style clothes. There will be many talented artists and groups performing at Abbey Road On The River including The Family Stone, Ambrosia and Jake Clemons, and Peter Asher.

There are many ticketing and pricing options, and it is important to note that the festival is suited for music fans of all ages.

To see more information about Abbey Road On The River and to purchase tickets, click here.  

Louisville Homes for Sale – Germantown

If music is your thing, then Germantown is a great place to explore. With many restaurants and bars, it is hard to find a place that doesn’t play host to fantastic local groups and artists throughout the week. As with all the gorgeous neighborhoods in Louisville, there are many wonderful places to live, and The Oatley Team wants to help you find your ideal home.

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Old Louisville Walking Tours

What: A Walking Tour Of Old Louisville

Where: 1340 S. 4th St. Central Park Louisville KY,40208

When: May – October 2017 – Tuesdays through Saturday - Tours start at 1:30 PM

Old Louisville Walking Tour

Old Louisville is one of the city’s most beautiful and historical sites. Old Louisville features several Victorian style homes which provides a feeling of elegance and the sense of a close and friendly community. The walking tour offers the opportunity to hear and see all the wonderful sites in Old Louisville, and it is led by a long-time resident.  

Old Louisville itself covers 45 square blocks, but the walking tour will center around the Old Louisville historic preservation district. The tour is scheduled to last 75 minutes, as there are plenty of gorgeous homes and sites to take in.

Tours run from May to October typically Tuesday through Saturday and begin at 1:30. The listed price for the event is $15.

To see more information, you can visit the Old Louisville Walking Tours page here

Louisville Homes for Sale – Old Louisville

Old Louisville is one of Louisville’s friendliest and most inviting neighborhoods.
Old Louisville is home to many immaculate historical sites, churches, town homes, and larger estates. Despite its name, Old Louisville is home to all the luxuries of the 21st century, with many bars, restaurants, and exciting events occurring, like the St. James art fair. Contact The Oatley Team to view homes in the area, and find the one that is right for you.

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Tips For Selling Your Louisville Home


When selling a home, there are several important steps to take to make sure that you can not only sell your home to the right buyer, but for the right price. To get your home ready, here are some tips to help ensure you can maximize the value of your home

1. De-clutter – now is the time to get rid of the items you don’t use.

Getting rid of all your extra stuff is an important step when selling a home. It not only makes your eventual move much easier, but it also makes your home feel more open and cleanly, and in some scenarios, it can even put a little extra money in your pocket. Some ways to get rid of your old stuff is to donate it to local groups or to sell it in things like yard sales, swap meets, and online auction sites like eBay.

2. Curb Appeal – fresh flowers, nice door mat, & great landscaping will help expedite a sale.

First impressions are always important, and your home is no different. The first-time prospective buyers see your home will be from the outside. Making sure your lawn is well kept, has flowers and shrubbery where appropriate, and even having a clean and inviting welcome mat can all aide the perception of your home. With a positive view of your home before they’ve even walked in, curb appeal can help improve the value of your home with minimal effort

3. Touch up items – fresh paint, carpets cleaned, etc.

Fixing up your home in small ways can help the perception and overall value of your home. When a prospective buyer walks into a home, they want to feel like it is theirs. Having clean carpets, fresh...